July 2014 Semester Highlights July 2014 Semester Highlights
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We have officially began writing, compiling and sorting our "Who Will I Become?" Leaders of Tomorrow photo book with David Lazar. The photos are mind blowing! We look forward to publishing it later this year. This first edition will feature our Caribbean Youth. Next Issue will be Middle Eastern Youths. The books will be able for purchase globally.

To view David Lazar's photography, click here: www.davidlazarphoto.com

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April 2014 Semester Highlights April 2014 Semester Highlights
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We are so honored to be the recipient of a $50k US grant from UNDP in partnership with Grande Agro Tourism to develop and deliver financial I.Q. through a Living Vertical garden Wall at 12 primary school in TnT. The project is well on it's way and we are proud to have Dr. Kalicharan of U.W.I and the inventor of digital maths teaching Lesson One to our growing leaders.

Students not only learn about costing, budgeting, profits etc. but every six weeks they harvest their hens gardens selling their produce to local restaurants and hotels with the proceeds going back to them to open their own bank accounts.

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January 2014 Highlights - Happy New Year! January 2014 Highlights - Happy New Year!
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Lots of new adventures in 2014 - check them out!

We start of this year shooting our photo book project capturing local youth honoring local trades and careers of our ancestors with the amazing David Lazar. He is in Trinidad with us the entire month of January. Take a look at his work at: davidlazarphoto.com

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