January 2014 Highlights - Happy New Year! January 2014 Highlights - Happy New Year!
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Lots of new adventures in 2014 - check them out!

We start of this year shooting our photo book project capturing local youth honoring local trades and careers of our ancestors with the amazing David Lazar. He is in Trinidad with us the entire month of January. Take a look at his work at: davidlazarphoto.com

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Social Enterprise Hive 2013 Social Enterprise Hive 2013
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It's getting closer and closer! Our Social enterprise HIVE 2013 is ready for take off.

The Hive is a carefully curated event open to a maximum of 150 participants. Each session which focuses on one of our topic being covered (art, education, business, advertising and food) allows you access to global and local social entrepreneurs and doers transforming their sector.
Social Enterprise HIVE 2013
Our Limited Edition POLLINATOR T-shirts:
Designed by the very talented Seon Thompson, and part of his 50 proud collection, we are honored to use these amazing images of true leaders of our past to inspire us to become leaders of tomorrow. Here's to the legacy of DAISY VOISIN, SYLVIA HUNT, DR. ERIC WILLIAMS, CARLYLE CHANG and URIAH BUZZ BUTLER. You can buy the t-shirts with old fashioned money or 150 crushed used plastic bottles.

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July 2013 Semester Highlights July 2013 Semester Highlights
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We grew over 12,000 leaders in primary school this school year. We have tripled our impact compared to where we were last year.

We are fully mobilized moving up the Caribbean and into the Middle East region. Truly a blessing as the Universe continues to conspire in our favor.

Summer camps are here and as always we are partnering with some of the best NGOs to bring leadership to youth. Healing with Horses is one of our favorites and this year over 130 of all types of needs came together with 70 volunteers from different countries to offer lessons in horse therapy to unicycling to leadership to nature walks to theatre etc. It was awesome. We are now gearing up for our own one day leadership bootcamp on Aug 3rd.

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